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This guide gives practical information about how you can find a mortgage as a member of the NHS workforce.

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How do I get a key worker mortgage in 2023?

There are lots of aspects to a mortgage which ought to be compared before signing an agreement, after all, the terms you sign will affect your finances for potentially 30 years, depending on the length of your arrangement. 

That’s why many key workers cut the chaos and come to us to find an affordable solution.

Where can I find an NHS mortgage lender?

As an employee of the NHS, you may be eligible for a range of mortgage products with different lenders. 

There isn’t a specific type of mortgage that is solely provided to NHS workers but many lenders do specialise in providing loans to permanent clinical staff that work for the NHS and other key workers.

To access these lenders without having to call individual banks yourself, work with a mortgage broker who can use their online access to the mortgage market and filter out irrelevant lenders that aren’t worth your time.

Our brokers will already know the go-to lenders that offer competitive deals but that doesn’t stop them from checking alternatives and getting creative to find cheaper options elsewhere.

Who can apply for an NHS mortgage?

Most mortgage lenders that provide mortgages to NHS employees prefer permanent employment contracts for clinical staff as this can suggest a steady and secure income that can be relied upon to pay for mortgage repayments.

Roles may include those within:

  • GP surgeries

  • Ambulance Trust

  • Primary Care Trusts

  • NHS Direct

  • National Blood Transfusion Service

  • Dental practices that have NHS body status

  • Health Protection Agency

  • Mental Healthcare and Social Care Trusts

  • Other NHS trusts

How do non-clinical staff get a mortgage in the UK?

Other members of staff that work in hospitals or practices such as dentists, cleaners, porters and admin clerks may be eligible for mortgage deals too, though each lender will use their own criteria to make a decision.

Whether you’re considering a joint mortgage, buy-to-let or a first-time buyer mortgage, the more informed you are, the more likely you are to find the right contract. 

Our brokers can compare a wide range of options based on the information you provide and their knowledge of which lenders can offer the most advantageous deals. 

Finding a lender with a broker is much quicker and efficient than scouring the market alone, especially if you’re unsure about where to begin and how to negotiate NHS mortgage incentives and discounts. 

Can I get a mortgage as a locum / self-employed doctor?

Yes, there are lenders that take locum and self-employed medical professionals into consideration when assessing a mortgage application. 

Typically, though not always, a mortgage underwriter will assess a salaried locum differently to a self-employed portfolio locum as the latter can have irregular work patterns and subsequently, irregular income.

Though you might not be eligible for key worker schemes aimed at clinical staff, a specialist mortgage broker can still collate a number of options and advise you on the most viable route to homeownership, comparing the regular factors like interest rates, mortgage fees and even incentives specifically offered to key workers.

Even applicants who have been rejected by other lenders because of their employment may be able to find approval after seeking the right advice. 

How much can NHS staff borrow for a mortgage?

Most lenders use income multiples varying between 4 to 6 x your annual income to calculate how much they can lend to you. For example, a healthcare assistant in their first year of employment might earn £18,005 a year. 

If the applicant met their chosen lender’s criteria, which would include stringent affordability and credit checks, they may be able to borrow 4.5 x that amount on their mortgage, allowing them an £81,022.5 budget. 

NHS income mortgage calculator example

The table below provides an example of how much different NHS bands could potentially borrow under varying income multiples. 

NHS Band

Average UK band salary with 1 years experience

Income multiple of 4

Income multiple of 4.5

Income multiple of 5

Income multiple of 5.5

Income multiple of 6





















































































How do lenders decide how much an NHS worker can borrow?

In reality, the process of deciding how much to loan you, if at all, is much more complex, as lenders will look at your circumstances as a whole including:

  • Your age

  • Your number of dependents if any

  • How much you earn in a year

  • The regularity and predictability of your income

  • The type of property you’d like to buy 

  • Whether you’re in debt and if so, how much by

  • How recently any debts have been settled

Usually, though not always, the more you’ve committed to spending each month, the less you can borrow as this jeopardizes your ability to repay your loan.

Can I get an NHS mortgage if I have bad credit?

It may be possible to find an affordable mortgage deal even if you have bad credit. 

You can read our guide on NHS mortgages and bad credit to find out more or alternatively, ask one of our bad credit brokers to check your eligibility. 

This can help you avoid applying to lenders who are less likely to approve you, saving you further damage to your credit report.

NHS mortgage advice 

Finding the right mortgage lender for you, whether you’re an NHS employee or not, is vital to your future finances. We’ve helped hundreds of people find an affordable mortgage our award-winning advice and services. 

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