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A landlord deposit mortgage is where, as a tenant, you purchase the landlord’s property at a discounted price. 
It usually happens when the landlord wants a quick sale, for example, at a property worth £180k, the landlord could offer a 10% discount and sell it you for £160k.  
This 10% discount is then classed as a 10% deposit for the borrower towards the deposit on the property. 

There are only a select few lenders that offer this sort of mortgage, with certain limits in place on the amount of discount that’s acceptable, i.e. under 5-10% will not count towards the deposit.  

Many lenders will also require that you put in at least 5% of your own money to show that you have a level of commitment and affordability.  

As a landlord’s discounted deposit is classed as a gift, these sorts of mortgages are more complex than usual, which means it’s likely that it will be dealt with by a specialist lender rather than a high street one.  
For advice on getting a mortgage with a landlord’s deposit, speak to one of our expert advisers who will be able to help you with the next steps.