Mortgages for Medical Professionals

For doctors, nurses and contracted staff in the medical world, a one-size-fits-all mortgage very rarely actually fits! With specialists working with medical professionals, The Mortgage Hut has the answers!

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Mortgages for Doctors

Getting the right mortgage for a doctor, splitting income between drawings on a LLP surgery and NHS income seems tougher than it should be. Thankfully, The Mortgage Hut has the expertise to make it all so much easier!

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How to Choose a Contract Mortgage Broker

Being self employed or an independent contractor can make getting a mortgage difficult – without the right help. An expert contract mortgage advisor will be able to help you through the difficulties – ask The Mortgage Hut.

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A guide to mortgages for first time buyers with bad credit

Don’t put off trying to buy your first home because you are worried you’ll be rejected as a first time buyer with bad credit. At The Mortgage Hut we have experts on hand to get you the mortgage you need.

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Understanding Compound or 'Rolled Up' Interest

Understanding interest can be tricky. Compound interest (sometimes referred to as ‘rolled up’ interest) can make it extra complicated. The Mortgage Hut are here to help.

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Getting a Mortgage with a Part Time Job

Getting a mortgage can sometimes feel out of reach, with large deposits and impressive credit scores often talked about, but can you get a mortgage on just a part time income? You can with The Mortgage Hut

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