How does equity release affect state benefits?

The prospect of a tax free lump sum to spend and the right to live in the home you love, sounds appealing but have you ever considered how equity release could affect your entitlement to benefits?

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Is equity release safe?

Find out which pitfalls you to be aware of when taking out equity release and the things to look out for when comparing contracts.

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Understanding Compound or 'Rolled Up' Interest

Understanding interest can be tricky. Compound interest (sometimes referred to as ‘rolled up’ interest) can make it extra complicated. The Mortgage Hut are here to help.

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Equity Release on the Rise - The Changing Landscape for Money in Retirement

As the property market in the UK changes, so too does the view on home equity. Releasing invested funds for retirement with a lifetime mortgage is very much the norm, as recent statistics indicate.

Equity Release on the Rise

Nine Things to do with your Equity Release

Wondering what your equity release is for? Your lifetime mortgage or home reversion plan is cash for your use. Here are some common uses for your property investment.

Nine Things to do with your Equity Release

Equity Release and Your Estate - How Does a Lifetime Mortgage Affect Your Heirs?

Equity release lets you cash in on your life of investment, but there’s often a fear that you’re leaving nothing left for your family’s inheritance. At The Mortgage Hut we know that’s not the case.

Equity Release and Your Estate

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