A guide to mortgages for first time buyers with bad credit

Don’t put off trying to buy your first home because you are worried you’ll be rejected as a first time buyer with bad credit. At The Mortgage Hut we have experts on hand to get you the mortgage you need.

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Getting a Mortgage with a Part Time Job

Getting a mortgage can sometimes feel out of reach, with large deposits and impressive credit scores often talked about, but can you get a mortgage on just a part time income? You can with The Mortgage Hut

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What Income Qualifies for a Mortgage?

Want a house but have no idea how much you can borrow? Our mortgage calculator has almost all the answers and our advisors have the rest! Why not ask The Mortgage Hut and see how we can help?

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What is a Mortgage Underwriter?

Underwriting is the process of evaluating the risk of your loan but what is it the underwriters are looking for? Fine out more about the background of mortgage applications with The Mortgage Hut.

What is a Mortgage Underwriter?

Mortgage in Principle – What Is It and Do I Need One?

Mortgage in principle, agreement in principle, mortgage promise – there are many terms that seem designed to confuse, but what do they really mean and how to they help you get a mortgage? The Mortgage Hut can help!

Mortgage in Principle Explained

Help to Buy Explained

Help to Buy (also known as Help to Buy Equity Loan) was launched by the Government in April 2013 and is current set to run until 2021.

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