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It can be a difficult task to get a mortgage if you have just returned to the UK or are planning to do so. It can be nigh on impossible for lenders to track your credit history if you have been abroad or travelling for a long time. In a situation where you may also have no address history, many lenders will reject your application outright and, even if they do consider your application, a poor credit score can result in an unfavourable deal. However, there are a few lenders who accept applications from such individuals and offer very attractive rates on mortgages. 

Our expert mortgage advisors can help you to find the best mortgage deal if you fit into one of these criteria: 

  • Not yet returned to the UK, living abroad
  • Just returned to the UK
  • Back in the UK for over 3 months 
  • Back in the UK for over 6 months 
  • Back in the UK for over 1 year 
  • Are able to put at least 5% of the mortgage property value as a deposit. The higher deposit you have, the better your chances of getting a mortgage. 
  • Employed full time or have a retirement income.
  • 6 years of recent and positive credit history.
  • Maximum loan size is 4-5x salary (so, if earning £25k then the maximum is £100-125k).

You will more than likely be unable to get a mortgage if you are self-employed and have not completed 12 months being a self-employed individual in the UK. It is therefore advisable that you gain a 12 month history in the UK in order to be able to secure a mortgage with good rates.

Please note that these criteria may alter due to the ever changing policies of lenders so your best option is to get in touch with our expert mortgage advisors who are always up to date with the latest criteria of all types of lenders. Our highly experienced advisors work with applications for mortgages when returning to the UK from abroad on a regular basis and we can therefore help strengthen your application.

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