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When you apply for a mortgage, your credit report can assist lenders to predict your future behaviour. Therefore, if you have never missed a finance payment, a potential lender might be confident you are likely to make your repayments each month and therefore their risk is reduced.

Unfortunately not everyone is perfect! Missed or late payments, high levels of debt or even lack of credit history can affect your credit record and how likely a lender is to accept your application (and what rate of interest you might have to pay).

However, don’t let a bad credit record put you off trying to get a mortgage. The Mortgage Hut can help those who have a bad credit score, even if you have been refused a mortgage in the past.

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The Mortgage Hut (mortgage broker) have:

  • Access to specialist mortgage companies who will consider applications from those who have missed payments, county court judgements in the past or a lack of credit history.

  • In-depth knowledge of a wide range of lender criteria enabling us to match you up with the lender most suitable for you.

  • A team of friendly, professional advisers who can saves you the stress of searching for a suitable mortgage and applying to multiple lenders.

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