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If you need a mortgage advisor near you, to help with a mortgage or remortgage, keep reading or get in touch to find the answers you need. The Mortgage Hut has access to over 90 lenders in Oxford and the rest of the UK and with our connections and expertise, finding you a mortgage is just a click away.

FCA approved mortgage brokers covering Oxford

We’re regulated by the FCA, a financial regulatory body that’s independent from the government. That matters because it means the advice you receive from us is overseen by a separate network of professionals that make sure that what we’re advising you is accurate, honest and clear. 

These are principles we uphold anyway and it’s what keeps people coming back to us over the years. Nevertheless, for your reassurance, it’s handy to know.

Our ethos is to treat the people we help like they’re our closest family member.

We provide advice to people in:

  • Barton

  • Binsey

  • Cowley

  • Florence Park

  • Temple Cowley

  • Cutteslowe

  • Donnington

  • Godstow

  • Grandpont

  • Headington

  • Headington Hill

  • New Headington

  • Old Headington

  • Holywell

  • Iffley

  • Jericho

  • New Botley

  • New Hinksey

  • New Marston

  • Norham Manor

  • North Oxford

  • Central North Oxford

  • Park Town

  • Northway

  • Osney

  • Port Meadow

  • St Clement's

  • St. Ebbes

  • St John Street area

  • St. Thomas'

  • Oxpens

  • Science Area

  • Summertown

  • Sunnymead

  • Walton Manor

  • Wolvercote

  • Waterways

From application to completion 

If you’ve ever searched for a mortgage in Oxford, you’re probably aware of the endless lists on comparison sites. A lot of the quotes that appear simply aren’t representative of the final quote that you’d be offered based on your circumstances. They’re convenient quick quotes but not always great if you want to know exactly what the deal is and how much it’ll cost you overall.

That’s where our team comes in. They listen to what you need and learn about your situation. Based on this, they can show you the lenders that are more likely to accept you and compare all the factors that affect your end cost, like arrangement fees, interest rates, exit fees and incentive offers. 

If you’re happy with a particular deal and want to proceed, they can manage the application on your behalf, checking for typos and spelling mistakes that can cause delays down the line. It’s all part of the service, which doesn’t end once your mortgage application is sent off. Getting you over the line is what we do and we’ll take great pride upon hearing that you’ve completed.

First-time buyer mortgages

Oxford is a sought-after area with historical architecture trickled throughout the city and the surrounding areas. Finding an affordable property can be a task and if you’re a first-time buyer, saving the necessary deposit to qualify for a mortgage can seem like an even bigger hurdle. 

Homes for first time-buyers cost £339,510 on average and require a deposit of £58,090 and a household income of £71,524. 

Our in-house experts can show you the affordable housing schemes, savings accounts and first-time buyer incentives that you might be eligible for to help you get there quicker.

They can also contact housing developers in Oxford to find out what they can offer and how they can make a property purchase more affordable. Traditional properties might be more your thing and that’s something we can help you achieve too, with careful planning and solid advice.


One of the best ways to save money on your monthly outgoings is by remortgaging. There are a whole host of mortgage lenders in Oxford and the rest of the UK, each with their own deals. 

Your current lender may be able to offer you a better agreement based on your current circumstances, which might have changed since you initially took out your mortgage, so while it’s always worth checking, explore your other options too so you know for sure that you’re getting the cheapest deal available. 

A mortgage broker can source a range of remortgage options for you, saving you the trouble, all while closely keeping an eye on the current market and how any changes to the base rate could affect your repayments. It’s up to your broker to negotiate the best deal and highlight any terms and conditions that could affect the overall amount you pay during your remortgage term.

You might even want to borrow more on a remortgage, perhaps to clear some debt, to gift to a son or daughter to help them buy a home, or to enjoy yourself. Whatever your need to remortgage, we can help.

Home Mover mortgages

The Mortgage Hut manages home mover mortgages day in and day out, so finding you a suitable lender with terms that offer you the flexibility you need to either overpay or switch in the future, is just part of the service we provide.

Whether you’re considering moving to Oxford or leaving the historical city for a new start, talking to a mortgage expert about what options are available to you can help you begin to plan, with the knowledge that you’re getting the best rate and conditions possible.

They can present you with a list of lenders and check your eligibility so that if and when you apply, you’ll have the confidence that you’ll get approved rather than applying on your own without knowing which all too often leads to a mortgage rejection. 

Even if you’ve been approved for a mortgage in the past, that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll qualify for one in today’s economic climate, so rely on a broker from The Mortgage Hut to look at your current situation and match you with the right lender.

Buy-to-let mortgages

Buy-to-let properties suitable for working professionals, families and students are in demand in Oxford. The city centre hosts large offices, growing businesses and of course, Oxford University. With more than 25,000 students from over 160 countries, the opportunity for a regular income is arguably there. According to research by, the average rental paid by occupants in a three bedroom house totals at £2,519 per calendar month.

Our mortgage brokers can calculate the potential rental yields for any properties you’re interested in while comparing BTL mortgages for either single occupancy or houses of multiple occupancy. 

BTL mortgages have criteria that in general, tend to be less focussed on your income and more concerned with how much income you’ll earn through your rental property, though your credit score, age and experience as a landlord can all affect your ability to get approved too.

They can also advise you on how much deposit you’ll need for specific lenders and point out the ones that may accept a smaller deposit, depending on your other circumstances. 

How does the process work with The Mortgage Hut?

We’ll guide you through the whole process from finding a mortgage lender, applying and getting you the approval you need. 

  • Checking your eligibility

  • Calculating how much you can afford to borrow

  • Finding you a range of lenders to choose from

  • Explaining the pros and cons of each mortgage agreement

  • Making sure your application is free from errors or typos that can cause delays

  • Chasing up any solicitors, surveyors or the lender so that you don’t have to

  • Being there for you to answer any questions and communicate the progress of your application until you complete

What to expect from a broker at The Mortgage Hut

We look at your circumstances without judgement, so if you’ve got a less than perfect credit history, please don’t feel that you can’t approach us - we’ve helped countless people buy a home with a bad credit mortgage.

  • Find out more about what your mortgage options are, whether you’re employed, self-employed, a limited company director, on maternity leave or retired.

  • Qualified mortgage brokers who provide a comprehensive comparison of lenders within Oxford and the rest of the UK.

  • We have over 1000+ reviews and counting, left by real people who were so happy with the advice and help they received with their mortgage, that they left us a review.

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