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Find lenders with mortgage criteria you can meet with our simple service that’s been reviewed by over 1,000 happy customers. We’ll match you with a broker that can come to you in Crawley, speak over the phone or via WhatsApp so that you can check your eligibility and find out which lenders are more likely to approve you. 

FCA approved mortgage brokers covering Crawley

Mortgage advice matters if you want to find the best deal to mortgage or remortgage a property you love, so ask us to find you a lender.

Everything we do, from advising to sourcing the most affordable lender to being on hand throughout the mortgage process, is all regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They’re in charge of overseeing the mortgage lending market. Part of what they do is check that any advice given to customers is accurate, honest and puts the public first, not the banks, lenders or mortgage advisors. 

Integrity is a huge aspect of what we do and we treat the people we help like they’re our closest family member, always taking the time to make sure that advice is clear, non-judgemental and given with the best intentions. 

We provide advice throughout Crawley and the surrounding areas including: 

  • Broadfield

  • Bewbush

  • Furnace Green

  • Ifield

  • Kilnwood Vale

  • Northgate

  • Manor Royal

  • Maindenbower

  • Langley Green

  • Pound Hill

  • Tilgate

  • Tinsley Green

  • Three Bridges

  • Southgate

  • West Green

From application to completion 

When you contact The Mortgage Hut, you’ll be paired up with a broker who’s best placed to find you the type of mortgage you need. They can use their digital catalogue of lenders to quickly find the right mortgage at the right price but it’s the deeper dive into each lender’s criteria and contract that can be of even greater value to those they help. 

They compare all the little details that make a mortgage a good deal, like arrangement fees, cashback incentives, interest rates and exit fees. Doing this leaves you with a filtered down group of lenders that you can choose from with informed knowledge, so you don’t feel concerned about whether you could have got a better deal elsewhere. 

When you’re happy with your lender, your broker does the admin and paperwork for you, leaving you to crack on with more interesting things, like house hunting. They’ll send off your application and even chase up the other people involved in the property process if need be, all to make sure that everything possible is being done to get you over the line and approved for your mortgage. 

First-time buyer mortgages

Gatwick international airport is located on the edge of Crawley, ideal for sun seekers and adventurers looking to take a break from work. Crawley’s ideal proximity to employers in Brighton and just further afield in London is another reason why first-time buyers opt to purchase their first home in the town.

However, with a population of 106,000 people, property is in high demand. A first-time buyer with no chain can appeal to a seller but to be taken seriously, ideally, you’ll need a mortgage in principle (MIP). 

This is like an agreement between you and a mortgage lender that says that they’ll loan you a certain amount of money to buy a house, if you pass their full affordability checks. While you may pass their initial checks, lenders like to investigate income and credit history carefully before they give the final approval for a mortgage. 

Having a MIP gives you a fairly good sense of hope that you’ll get approved, especially if your broker has thoroughly checked your eligibility against your lender’s criteria. With one behind you, you can begin to look at houses or flats in Crawley and make an offer if you find one that you love. 

You’ll be asked to put a deposit down by your lender, to secure the mortgage and that might range between 5-25% depending on your situation and the market value of the property you want to buy. With the average property in Crawley selling for £392,178, a typical 10% deposit could cost you £39,217. 

Your broker can look for ways to save you money, whether that be by finding a lender with a lower interest rate or upfront fees, or by finding you an affordable housing scheme like the first-homes program or shared ownership. There are also lenders that provide low deposit mortgages, so if you’re not quite at your savings goal just yet, speak with an advisor at The Mortgage Hut and find out whether you could buy now with what you’ve got or whether it could be worth continuing to save. 


Switching your mortgage provider, or even staying with the one you have now but getting a better deal, could save you money. You might be able to reduce your term time too, especially if your property has increased in value and you use the additional wealth to reduce the amount you owe.

Your situation now could be entirely different to when you initially took out your mortgage and maybe that’s why you’re keen to shop around and change your agreement. A life change, like a new long term relationship or getting a pay rise, can be a prompt to find a new mortgage deal. 

Before you decide to remortgage, get to know the ins and outs of your current contract and look for things like early repayment fees. A lot of lenders charge a fee when their customers remortgage elsewhere and settle their balance. Sometimes the cost of the fee outweighs the savings made by switching but then sometimes not. 

That’s why it’s important to factor in any fees involved, ideally with a mortgage broker. They’ll be able to quickly calculate what the best options are and explain how each one could affect your finances. 

You may be in a position to pay more on your mortgage each month and if that’s the case, it’s still important for you to get a new agreement which allows you to repay as little interest as possible and more of the capital balance. Compare the market with an expert and find an affordable remortgage deal with a realistic repayment route today.

Home Mover mortgages

You might be surprised with just how many mortgage options are available to you, with lenders you might never have heard of. It’s easy to stick with the same lender when you move home but that could mean you miss out on a really good deal elsewhere, costing you more money overall. 

You might need to borrow more if you’re upsizing in Crawley so it makes sense to compare costs like interest rates which affect how much you repay over the duration of your mortgage term. We always wonder, why do people pay more when they don’t have to? 

Mortgaging a new home will involve affordability checks and paperwork whether you stick or switch from your current mortgage provider and with our experts ready to manage that process and fill in the application for you, that chore could be taken off your hands. 

We understand that moving home is a huge upheaval, which is why our brokers take away the hassle of searching for lenders and scrutinising terms and conditions - that’s their job and according to our reviews and returning customers, they’re pretty good at it.

With that in mind, when you move home, avoid porting your current mortgage deal as your go to option and look around at what other lenders could offer with a broker who knows where to look for the best deals.

Buy-to-let mortgages

Getting approved for a buy-to-let (BTL) mortgage isn’t necessarily harder than a residential mortgage application but you’ll probably need a bigger deposit ranging between 15-40%, depending on the lender. 

You may need to prove that you have a plan to find tenants too, whether you’re a seasoned landlord or newbie investor, so be prepared to research the area in Crawley you’re buying in and the local market. Some landlords pay a lettings agent to manage that side of things for them while others prefer to save costs and market the property themselves via social media or property portals. 

Knowing what to expect in the current BTL climate, even if you’ve already got an investment property, sets you up for success. So many BTL mortgage lenders have criteria that can feel like a constant hoop jumping exercise. That’s why a lot of landlords turn to their broker to manage the paperwork and check on their behalf that everything is in place, without error, before they send off their application. 

Saving money is another reason a BTL broker can help. Google is a good source of information but comparison websites won’t include all lenders and some deals can only be applied for through an intermediary, like a broker. They can access a huge range of deals at once, very quickly and with all the information needed for you to make a decision about who to go with. 

Ask a Mortgage Hut broker to show you the alternatives that could allow you to make a larger profit. They negotiate BTL mortgages every day so don’t burn yourself out scrolling the breadth of the internet for a deal. Pass it on to them, get approved for the finance you need and buy the property you want.

How does the process work with The Mortgage Hut?

We’d love to see you face to face but you don’t have to come into the office if you’d rather not. It’s what works for you. We can send everything over to you via email and our brokers can be there for you on the phone, WhatsApp or Skype.

If you’re the kind of person with lots of questions - feel free to send them our way. No question is too obvious. Speaking to a broker is your chance to ask whatever you need to but they’ll let you know anything you need to when it comes to your mortgage or remortgage. Don’t be afraid to talk about adverse credit, a low credit score or income issues either. Our team helps people everyday with all kinds of circumstances and they’re human too. 

Your broker will get to know you and find a way to help you get a mortgage. If now’s not quite the right time, they’ll tell you and recommend ways to get you on track so you can get one in the near future. 

What to expect from a broker at The Mortgage Hut

We know that you’re busy and that’s the beauty of having a broker - they do all the leg work for you and speak with your estate agent and surveyor so you don’t have to keep looking at your emails for notifications that you don’t have time to deal with.

  • Find out more about what your mortgage options are, whether you’re employed, self-employed, a limited company director, on maternity leave or retired.

  • Qualified mortgage brokers who provide a comprehensive comparison of lenders within Crawley and the rest of the UK.

  • A full service that’s trusted by thousands of happy customers. We have over 1000+ reviews and counting.

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