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Mortgage Advice Eastleigh

Situated at 97 Leigh Road, The Mortgage Hut in Eastleigh is the place to come for Mortgage and Insurance advice. If you’re considering purchasing a property in or around Eastleigh, arrange an appointment and find out how we can help you.

Mortgages for First Time Buyers in Eastleigh

As a first time buyer, it is essential that you get all the information you need when searching and selecting a mortgage for your property. The Mortgage Hut staff in Eastleigh are here to help first time buyers through the mortgage application process. As well as helping to find you the best deal on a mortgage, we will ensure things run as smoothly as possible - so you can relax and concentrate on the rest of your house purchase.

Many first time buyers will require a high loan-to-value (LTV) mortgage to help them step onto the property ladder. There are many mortgage products designed for first time buyers who may have a low deposit amount. We can help you understand the differences between various mortgage offer and products, and to help you get a mortgage that suits your situation (now and in the future).

Feel free to get in touch - we are the friendly mortgage specialists based in Eastleigh and we're here to help and advise.

Help to Buy (Eastleigh)

If you are struggling to save a large deposit for a home in Eastleigh, the Government Help to Buy scheme could help you into a property sooner than you think. There are several different options available:

This can help first time buyers and those who want to move to a new property purchase a new build house. This scheme involves receiving a equity loan for 20% of the property's purchase price (interest free for 5 years), you then provide a 5% deposit and take out a mortgage for the remaining 75%.

This scheme can help you purchase a new build or older property as long as you do not own any other property at the point of purchase. It involves taking out a mortgage, part of which has been guaranteed by the Government, which allows the lender to offer you a higher loan to value than normal (80-95%).

This involves buying a share in a property and paying rent on the remaining share. In the future you then have the option to buy further shares if you wish. Certain new build homes are available to purchase through shared ownership and you can also purchase current shared ownership properties which are being resold.

Come and talk to us at The Mortgage Hut, Eastleigh to discuss whether one of the Help to Buy options may be suitable for you.

Remortgaging your Home in Eastleigh

There are several reasons why you may wish to remortgage your home. You may be hoping to switch offers or lenders in order to get a better deal or perhaps you wish to release some of your home’s equity in order to pay off debts or make home improvements. Whichever is the case The Mortgage Hut Eastleigh can help.

Switching to a better deal is a great idea, especially if you are currently on a standard variable rate or are coming towards the end of your fixed deal. It’s best to shop around as much as possible but it can be time consuming and difficult to weigh up the various options and compare them. Why not let The Mortgage Hut do the hard work for you. We can search thousands of mortgages to find you the best possible deal to suit your circumstances.

For those interested in releasing equity from their home, come and visit us as The Mortgage Hut Eastleigh for friendly, professional advice. We can help look into your options when it comes to remortgaging your Eastleigh home. 

Remortgaging is not the right options for everyone so it’s important that you get advice when it come to considering this route.

Buy to Let Mortgages in Eastleigh

Buy to let opportunities in Eastleigh have potential to make good returns, however it is important weigh up the potential profit with the various costs involved with the purchase and maintenance of a buy to let property. That’s where The Mortgage Hut come in! Our knowledgeable advisers in Eastleigh can give you all the help and advice that you need on buy to let mortgages.

It is obviously essential that you choose the right property to invest in. You need to consider how much potential it has for increasing in value in the future but also how attractive it is to potential tenants. Eastleigh has range of properties to invest in from small flats to large detached family homes. 

Whether you have already found the right property, or are simply wondering if buy to let could work for you - come and visit us at The Mortgage Hut Eastleigh for a friendly chat!

Buying Property in Eastleigh

Located on the River Itchen between Southampton and Winchester, Eastleigh has great transport links to the rest of the country with easy access to the M3 and M27 motorway and a commute of around 75 minutes to London. It is also the home of Southampton Airport which offers flights within the UK and to a variety of European destinations.

There are many modern and new build homes for sale in Eastleigh ranging from small apartments to large family homes. Over the last year, overall sold prices in Eastleigh have been up 12% on the previous year and 14% on 2012. The overall average price of a property in Eastleigh is £287,747 with a detached house selling on average for £417,873 (SOURCE: RightMove).

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