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If you’re thinking about buying an investment property in the city, getting a mortgage for a retail unit for your business to operate from or sourcing funds to build any size of new housing development, our website has all the information you need to ensure that you have all the answers.

We arrange millions of pounds of funding every month and our specialist advisers will be with you on every step of the journey from start to finish.

When do you need a commercial mortgage?

A commercial mortgage is a loan secured on any property which is not your residence. There are a variety of different commercial mortgages and the assessment and pricing for each type will vary according to the risk posed by the venture. An alternative type of financing you could consider for expanding your business needs would be that of a business loan.

A business loan is generally unsecured up to £25,000, but lenders will ask for some security for loans exceeding this value based upon the risk value. That said, due to the legal and administrative costs of taking security against a commercial property, many lenders will impose minimums on the amount they’re willing to approve in these situations.

In many cases, individuals purchasing a commercial property will utilise a commercial property mortgage in conjunction with a business loan in order to offer additional financing to secure the property they need.

What values can be covered by a commercial mortgage?

If you're buying owner-occupied property, you will usually be able to find a mortgage to cover roughly 70 - 75% of the value. If your purchase is an investment, then the amount available will vary depending on the income generated by the investment, for example the rent incurred from a buy to let, but will rarely cover more than 65% of the purchase price. This 65% will likely be further reduced if you’re buying a business outright, including goodwill and stock.

How long do commercial mortgages last?

Generally speaking, commercial mortgages will be taken out for a period of between 3 to 25 years. Short term finance options, usually by way of a bridging loan or property development loan, are also available for commercial purchases and range from a few weeks up to 2 years.

As with a normal residential mortgage, with a commercial mortgage, the value will be repaid by the buyer in instalments until the balance plus interest is cleared, at which point the buyer will own 100% of the property.

Want to become a landlord or expanding your portfolio?

You'll need to get a Buy to Let mortgage. There are some key differences between a Buy to Let mortgage and a residential mortgages.

If you’re thinking about your first buy to let property or expanding your  portfolio, securing the right Buy to Let mortgage is important.

Your mortgage repayments may be your largest cost of your buy to let property. Use a qualified mortgage adviser to help find you the most suitable deal for your personal and business circumstances.

Our team is here to help you to secure the right buy to let mortgage to help you achieve competitive returns on your financial investment.

We can help potential or existing landlords find a suitable buy-to-let mortgage. So whether you already have a large portfolio and are looking to finance more properties or are just starting out in property investment, our specialist advisers can assist with your needs.

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As a commercial mortgage broker, with a strong reputation for our competence, efficiency, diligence and honest approach. As with our domestic mortgages we are able to manage a mortgage application from start to finish, dealing with all the paperwork and correspondence, even making sure that we deal with the mortgage lender’s commercial manager on your behalf.

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