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Time for a Change?

Moving house and want to be sure you’re getting the most suitable deal on your next mortgage? Finding the right mortgage deal can be confusing, so why not let an experienced mortgage broker such as The Mortgage Hut, locate the product best suited to you and your circumstances?

House Mover Mortgages

You might be moving into a bigger property or downsizing, but either way speaking to an advisor from The Mortgage Hut gives you access to thousands of mortgages deals, and they can recommend the most suitable one for you and your new property purchase.

  • Your first step is to find out the amount you can borrow and then find the most suitable mortgage deal. By finding out just how much you can borrow and what you’re likely repayment will be, you can begin your house hunting.

  • As a home mover, you may have more choice of lenders and mortgages than you might have found as a first time buyer. This is due to the fact that you have already developed a better financial standing from being a property owner or because you have a larger deposit from the tied up equity in your house.

  • With a sale and purchase, moving house can be more complicated than a first time buy with timings being even more essential. The Mortgage Hut will be able to provide know-how on both the moving procedure, your existing mortgage and the new mortgage with insurance coverage arrangements.