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Thinking about undertaking an extension or loft conversion but unsure how much it will cost?
Build Maestro launches their brand new 'No Plans Toolkit'

It is a common problem for homeowners at the initial idea stage of a building project to never really know how much it is going to cost. It's vital that you as the homeowner know how much money to borrow, and can then assess whether the project is affordable. And that's why the Build Maestro team have launched their 'No Plans Toolkit'.

Their project management toolkit informs you of exactly how much your project should cost, with plenty of information to help you customise your budget. There are so many options to consider across any building project, such as the different types of glazing, electrics, flooring, heating options etc. Every decision can impact the cost of your project and how it will look - Build Maestro makes sure you are completely informed on specification and costs at the very early stages to ensure you can afford your project as you want it. 

Before moving forward with an architect or securing finance make sure you have all your financial ducks in a row by clicking here