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Cost Effective Contractor Mortgages from The Mortgage Hut

  • No need for 3 years of accounts

  • Mortgage based upon your contract rate

  • Award winning, expert help and advice

Struggling to get a good mortgage deal as a contractor?

Unfortunately it’s not always easy to secure a good mortgage deal as a contractor. Banks and buildings societies tend to be cautious of those without a permanent salary. Concerned about the consequences of your contract ending, lenders often require many years worth of accounts and you may be disappointed with the amount they are willing to lend. The Mortgage Hut believe it is unfair that contractors should be penalised due to the way they work which is why we go to so much effort working with lenders to help get you a good deal on a mortgage.

The Mortgage Hut Understand Contractors

We realise people in a range of professions may choose contract work, whether for financial reasons or to take advantage of the flexibility it offers. At The Mortgage Hut we help a wide range of contractors as well as those who are self employed and freelance. We understand that you may have complex payment structures including limited companies, umbrella companies or offshore tax arrangements and will make sure we find a lender who will offer you the most suitable deal based on your financial circumstances.

How do we get you a better Contractor Mortgage deal?

The Mortgage Hut’s wealth of experience with contractors and strong relationship with mortgage providers puts us in a great position to help lenders make an informed decision about your risk. We are able to get banks and building societies to reconsider their strict lending policies when it comes to contracts and even offer bespoke underwriting terms so that you can get a mortgage which is appropriate to your income. We will search for mortgage products from lenders across the market to find you the best deal possible.

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