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If you don’t have time to find about mortgages by visiting a mortgage broker, looking online is an easy alternative. It will save you time and quickly give you a good idea as to what mortgage deals are available.

How Do I Get Information?

Normally once you have found an online mortgage broker, there will be some questions to answer before you get any mortgage information. The questions can be brief, or you might have to give a lot of personal information.

What type of Questions are There?

You’ll be asked personal information first which might include your name, address and you age. The you’ll be asked about the property you want to buy. There will be questions about the property price, it’s value and your deposit.

Next, you may be asked to tick a box to give a lender permission to access your credit file. You’ll also be asked some questions about your credit history and your credit score. Once the online form is filled in, the online mortgage broker will then do a soft search to find you the best online mortgage deal.

What’s A Soft Search?

A soft search means that the fact you’re looking for credit won’t be seen by lenders on your credit report. Only you will be able to see it. This is an advantage. All lenders will look at your credit report before they make you an offer. If they see you have applied for a lot of credit in a short space of time they will think you are desperate for cash. This means you’re not a good risk. When you are looking for quotes for credit ask the lenders to make soft searches to protect your credit rating.

What type of Online Mortgage will I get?

That all depends on the answers you gave to the questions. Normally you’ll be told about the best offer that the broker finds. Some brokers will give the name of the lender, some won’t. But, you will be given the mortgage percentage and the amount of the monthly payment. Most websites will also tell you how much you can borrow. 

What if I need Advice?

Most online mortgage companies do have someone you can speak to once you’ve filled in the online form. If you’re unsure about mortgages or you have bead credit, speaking to a mortgage broker will be a better option. You can search for a mortgage broker online and then give them a call.