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One of the most volatile markets is that of property and it is not easy to tell when is the exact time of the year in which it is suitable to purchase the property. 

To ease this difficulty for the common people, the lending institutions have come up with various mortgage deals that people can conveniently afford without getting into much trouble. 

In fact, now it has become really cheaper than before to get a mortgage loan for up to or more than ten years. So now, you do not have to worry much about when is the right time but focus on how to fetch the best deal from the lender. 

If you are thinking to purchase property in some time and wondering when the best time is to do so, then there are certain factors that you need to keep into consideration before applying for any mortgage loan. 

Just like other commodities, house prices also depend on consumer demand. If the demand increases, then the market becomes more competitive and the prices increase. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for the property during the time when the demand is low, there will be fewer options available. Following is our guide regarding how to proceed towards buying a new property


This is a season why the sellers and buyers both are reluctant to buy any property. During winters most people are financially and environmentally weak because of the weather not enabling them to work properly and also because they make a lot of spending for Christmas which takes place in the winter season. 

Nevertheless, you can still make the most of this time by searching sellers who are trying to sell their properties that too on sale price because they are desperate to get the money. 

This is the season when you can negotiate with the sellers and ask them for a price which is favourable for you. It may not be easy for you to go out in the cold in search of houses, but your effort may land you to a really good opportunity.


After Winters, it is the best time to search for properties because the Christmas is over, families become busy in their daily routine work and the cold is lesser than before. You should begin searching as early as possible because lots of people would be starting their search and before they reach the seller, you should reach them first.


Summers are the busiest season for sellers and it is the time when they make their properties look really attractive and try to sell them off at higher prices.

 As most buyers go out during summertime to search for properties, this may not be the ideal time for property hunting because you may only find high priced houses in the locations that you find suitable.


Spring is the most favourite season of the sellers as well as the buyers. The sellers take advantage of the season by showing off their properties’ gardens that look spectacular with beautiful flowers blossoming in the air. 

The buyers find some of the most amazing properties and they see such great options, that too in abundance.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy any property, it should be done in the spring season because the options you will find in the spring season will not be available in other seasons.

Although the sellers during the spring season ask for high prices for their good-looking properties it does not mean that you cannot bargain with them. Keep yourself up to date with all the tricks and techniques through which you can get a better deal.

By now you must have realised that there is no right time to buy property, but just that every season has its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, it depends on your need, like if finance is most important to you then you should focus on looking for the property during off-season when there are not many buyers.