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Moving home can be an overwhelming process. 


Whether you are downsizing or upsizing, you will have thousands of products available to you, depending on how much you can borrow. 


As a home mover, you could have access to a wider choice of lenders and mortgage products, due to your current homeowners status and/or a larger deposit coming from equity in your house. 


When it comes to moving home, it can be an even more complicated process than being a first-time buyer, as you have two properties to organise, not just the one. 


Why move home? 


Moving home can be done for a variety of reasons, and each of our customers is different. 


That’s why we provide an expert service, bespoke to you and your situation. 


Whether you want to move to be closer to local amenities or family and friends, you’ll likely be moving for another one of two reasons; reducing your monthly outgoings by downsizing, or moving to a larger house. 


I want to move home to reduce my monthly outgoings 


If you are looking to reduce your monthly outgoings, you’ll likely be downsizing your home.  


When downsizing, you will most likely be looking at a smaller property cost, which could mean you are left with a sizeable deposit from your existing property, which in turn reduces the loan-to-value amount for your mortgage, meaning lower monthly repayments. 


Of course, then, you could see your utility bills reducing due to the size of the house. This does all depend on the build of the house, though. 


I want to move to a bigger property 


Moving to a bigger home is the only option for a lot of families looking for more space. 


A bigger house will command a higher price, and borrowing more money usually requires a substantial amount of equity in your existing property. 


You’ll also have to pass lenders’ checks and tests again, which may have changed since you originally obtained a mortgage, so it’s important to speak to an adviser before making any decisions. 


Whatever your reason for wanting to move home, contact one of our advisers today to discuss your options.