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When looking to either move home or purchase your first property, the question will always be asked whether you want a new build or an older property. 


You may never have considered either in great detail, but there are reasons to consider both types of property. 


Do you want to buy a new build? 


New builds, first and foremost, are a blank canvas. They are designed in a neutral way, which allows you to decorate the house to your personal taste, without creating much work. 


You can put your own tiles up, fit the kitchen with your own appliances, and paint the rooms how you’d like. 


New build houses are also high specification, meaning the latest heating systems and insulation to comply with the latest building regulations. This not only reduces the DIY you have to do, but also means that new properties are more energy efficient, often six times more than existing homes, which can save you money on your energy bills. 


As well as the new house to move into, you’ll also have a new community to settle in to, with a new estate meaning new buyers moving in and new people to engage with, some of them with the same buying experience, or reasons for buying a new build, as you. 


They are also not tied into a moving chain, which frees up one possible snag when it comes to completing your property purchase. 


Whether you are a home mover or a first-time buyer, having no moving chain means there’s no chance of gazumping (where someone else puts in a higher bid even after yours has been accepted) or any issues with the owner of a property, reducing the amount of things you need to worry about when moving. 


Finally, most new build homes (80%) carry the NHBC 10-year-warranty, meaning you are insured from the get-go. 


Do you want to buy an older property? 


Older properties have an existing base to work from. 


They will have character, whether that is from the period features of the home, or the existing owner’s decorations, they have had time to develop a sense of character. 


The same can be said for the neighbourhood, which may contain more local amenities compared to a new-build lot. The neighbours will also have been around for a while, meaning a sense of community can be felt immediately. 


Of course, when it comes to buying an older home, the purchase price of the property can often be negotiated, as the price can be agreed between the buyer and the seller, rather than a set price that is non-negotiable when buying through a new homes builder. 


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