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Before you start your property search, you need to decide on the area in which you want to live.  

It’s an important decision. Choose the wrong location and you could be unhappy with where you live and face the costs of moving all over again. 

If you’re considering moving to a different part of town, or to another part of the country, then you will need to spend time to get to know the area well. 

Where is cheap? 

City centres are obviously more expensive than the countryside and the South tends to be more expensive than the North, with London almost having its own economic climate.  

If the property that you’re looking for needs to be near a train station, motorway or airport then the housing area that it’s in will be popular, pushing the prices up.  
You should check the location of flight paths and the nearest motorway before settling on a property as one of the downsides of having good transport links is the noise pollution. 
Shops, restaurants and amenities 

Search for changes in retail space in an area to see if it’s becoming an up-and-coming location. Changes from run-down pubs into gastropubs, for example, can be a seen as a sign of a budding area climate. 

You can also check with the relevant local planning department to find out any future plans for the area’s future. 


If you have children, then one of your priorities will no doubt be the standard of schools and education in the area.  
You can use search databases such as or the website to find schools in the area and their ratings. You will then be able to arrange an open day or visit to ensure that you’re making the right choice for your children.  

For further information on what you need to consider when looking for your first home, or to get the ball rolling on your application, contact one of our expert advisers and they will be able to talk you through the next steps.