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There has recently been a higher demand for mortgages for older people, most likely due to the increase in the average age of a homebuyer, later retirement ages and competitive property prices in popular areas suitable for retirement. Thankfully, many lenders have increased their age limits to meet these demands and there are now products available which offer mortgages with age limits of 80 or even 85.

The Mortgage Hut can help a whole range of older people find the right mortgage for their situation including:

  • Homebuyers over 45 looking for a mortgage with an upper age limit of 70 or over.

  • Older people looking to remortgage in order to downsize their home or move to a more suitable property.

  • Those looking to mortgage a property based on savings or investment income.

  • People who want a mortgage based on a pension as their primary income.

Mortgage Options for Older People

There are a number of things to think about when taking out a mortgage with a higher upper age limit. For example, your borrowing may be limited and you are likely to require a large deposit and good LTV.

However there are also a range of other mortgage options to consider as an older person, for example getting help from a relative in order to take out a guarantor or joint mortgage, equity release schemes and lifetime mortgages.

You can read more about mortgage options for older people here. 

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