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Mortgages for soldiers, also known as army mortgages and HM Forces mortgages, and mortgages specifically suited for any member of the forces when purchasing a property, regardless of rank. 


If you are serving in the Army, Navy, Marines or any other division of the MOD, are retired ex-army, or are support staff, then you are eligible for army mortgages. 


You must still meet standard lender requirements such as be able to afford the repayments, have adequate deposit and have a good credit score. 


What options are there for soldiers and staff? 


Some lenders provide increased flexibility when lending to members of the MOD as they understand the situations that members of the armed forces face, such as regular periods away from home, or being stationed abroad. 


There is also a ‘key worker mortgage’ which is readily available to help improve access to affordable housing in certain areas of the country. You can get a free loan for use as a deposit, which you repay back when you sell the property, support with shared ownership applications and also subsidised rent on certain homes. 


What’s the Long Service Advance of Pay? 


The Long Service Advance of Pay is a scheme that gives eligible members of the MOD access to a maximum of £8,500, interest free, to be put towards the purchase of a property in any way, be that a deposit or to put towards fees. 


You can borrow a maximum of £8,500, but you will be given the lower amount of either the granted £8,500 or 182 days pay, to go towards a property in the UK,Channel Islands, Isle of Man, or Republic of Ireland. 


To qualify for the Long Service Advance of Pay, you must: 


  • have at least four years of service behind you with at least three months left before discharge 

  • have not been warned with discharge 

  • be medically fit 

  • have not applied for Premature Voluntary Release 

  • have not taken any terminal benefit 

  • only own one property 


Are mortgage products for soldiers different to normal mortgages? 


Not technically, but you will find lenders are much more flexible in terms of some of the terms they offer to member of the armed forces, such as allowing you to rent out a property on a standard residential mortgage, if you were to be stationed abroad for a long period of time or allowing the property to go unoccupied for the same term. 


For advice on getting a mortgage as a member of the armed forces, speak to one of our expert advisers who will be able to help you with the next steps.