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If you are a foreign national, you will face difficulties in getting a mortgage, but you should find the process easier if you possess an EU passport. 


I have an EU passport 


If you have an EU passport, you should have a credit history, and as such, should be able to get a UK mortgage if you have been an EU resident for at least two years (some lenders require over three years), have a UK bank account and a permanent UK job. 


If you fulfil all the requirements, then you shouldn’t find it too difficult to obtain a foreign national mortgage. 


I don’t have an EU passport 


Not having an EU passport means you will have to fulfil more requirements, as you won’t have a traceable credit history due to not being an EU national. 


To obtain a mortgage without an EU passport you need to meet the following requirements: 


Have been a UK resident for more than two yeas 

Have a permanent UK job 

Have permanent UK residence rights or a UK work permit 

Have a UK bank account 


By fulfilling these requirements you stand a better chance of your mortgage applicants being accepted. 


I can’t find foreign national mortgages on the high street 


Many high street lenders won’t offer foreign national mortgages due to the high risk involved, but there are specialist lenders who operate in this market. 


By speaking to an expert adviser who has access to a wide panel of specialist lenders, you will have access to products not available on the high street. 


For advice on getting a mortgage with bad credit, or if you’re in an active IVA, speak to one of our expert advisers who will be able to help you with the next steps.