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What is a Buy to Let mortgage?

If you are planning on purchasing a property with the intention to let it out, or have a property you are unable to sell and wish to begin letting out instead, then a Buy to Let mortgage is what you will need to make sure this happens.

The amount you are able to borrow for a Buy to Let mortgage, is based upon the amount you will be able to let your property for.

You will usually be required to pay a larger deposit, around 20% and 40%, and have higher interest rates than normal mortgages. Buy to Let should be seen as a long term financial investment, so it is important to know everything about it, before heading down this route.

Why now may be the right time

  • Currently record low interest rates on Buy to Let mortgages, may be a good time to begin looking
  • Property investments have the potential for a healthier increase in value, through renovation and redecoration
  • There is currently a large demand for rental properties, with many people now unable to raise deposit needed to purchase their own home

Things to think about

  • Your property may fall in value
  • It is a long term investment, you need to have an idea of the end in mind. How long will you be investing for? What do you wish to achieve from this?
  • Your interest rate may rise or fall
  • It can be a risk
  • The location of your target tenant. If there are a lot of primary schools in the area, expect families. If there is a University nearby, expect students.
  • The condition of the property. Will you need to spend a lot on renovating the property? This would get tenants in faster, but could also mean a slow start to saving once rent is being paid

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