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The Mortgage Hut, alongside other mortgage brokers and insurance advisers based on the south coast, have a new employee scheme. The scheme will relieve employees of the anxiety and burden whilst working to find the most suitable products for buying or moving home.

There are many benefits from the scheme for both the employer and the employee. 

The employer will receive benefits such as;

  • Allowing an employer offer mortgage assistance to staff at no cost
  • Receiving heavily reduced mortgage brokerage fees and placing no accountability or responsibility on employers for the advice provided to employees by The Mortgage Hut.

Employee benefits include;

  • Heavily reduced mortgage brokerage fees
  • Not having to spend time chasing lenders for progress reports or having to liaising with solicitors and insurance brokers
  • Being provided with the mortgage advice that they will need at a time to suit them, whether this is face to face or over the phone.