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As respected professionals, solicitors can always command preferential mortgage deals. However, by approaching your bank or high street lender direct, you may miss out on the lowest available rates and the most flexible terms.

The Mortgage Hut offers a personal brokerage service drawing on years of experience and specialised sector knowledge. The relationships we have built up with major UK lenders enable us to negotiate the best possible mortgages for solicitors on your behalf.

Whether you’re a recently qualified solicitor looking for a high income multiple or an established lawyer searching for an excellent remortgage deal, we can help.

What to expect?

Our service is designed to secure the best possible deal for you by fully understanding your situation and using that information to your advantage. Our brokers can help you find:

  • Preferential interest rates on both mortgages and remortgages
  • Mortgages requiring a lower deposit
  • High income multiples 
  • Flexible early repayment conditions (useful if you have irregular income or work on a bonus scheme)
  • Offset mortgages for solicitors
  • Guarantor mortgages for recently or soon-to-be qualified solicitors
  • A range of interest rate types, including fixed, variable and tracker mortgages

Why use The Mortgage Hut?

Whatever stage you’re at in your career, The Mortgage Hut will take the time to assess your situation carefully. Our experienced brokers know exactly what information is needed to secure the best value deals from UK banks and lenders. If you’re a trainee or a recently qualified solicitor, we can even help you get a foot on the property ladder for the first time. 

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