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If you’re an accountant, you can expect to be offered a great deal on your mortgage – including high income multiples, preferential interest rates and flexible terms.

However, banks and high street lenders often fail to understand any complexities in your financial situation, such as irregular income. Consequently, you could miss out on some of the better rates on mortgages for accountants.

Whether you’re self-employed or work in an accountancy firm, we can secure the best mortgages for accountants or remortgage deals for you. We have built up relationships with most of the major lenders and banks in the UK. Our unique position enables us to negotiate the best deal on your behalf, by speaking to the right people and providing exactly the right information.

The Mortgage Hut can help you arrange the lowest rate mortgage for accountants, buy to let deal or remortgage available on the UK market.

The benefits

  • High income multiples – expect generous affordability calculations
  • High mortgage amounts for recently-qualified accountants (ACA or similar)
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Great deals, even if you have variable income
  • Fast in-principle decisions
  • Flexible terms and conditions on mortgages for accountants
  • Specialist deals, such as guarantor mortgages or buy-to-let agreements

Accountants mortgage - self employed

Though accountants are often self-employed, many banks and lenders still have outdated lending procedures regarding contractors and freelancers. Our experience and direct access to senior underwriters across the UK, enables us to negotiate the very best accountant mortgages. Self-employed accountants are still therefore able to enjoy the most competitive rates.

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