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We have access to lenders who will consider mortgages for nurses who are paid basic salaries by employers such as the NHS as well as considering additional income earned from overtime, unsociable hours and bank nurse work.

For nurses whose sole employment is bank work through agencies there are lenders who will consider 100% of the agency income for mortgages for nurses provided the applicant can show a consistent track record.

The Mortgage Hut specialises in securing mortgages for nurses. As a mortgage broker we have access to lenders who are willing to be flexible with their lending criteria. When securing mortgage for nurses we will use our knowledge and contacts to ensure we find the best possible terms for your individual situation. We work on your behalf so that you don’t have to take time out of your busy working day to negotiate with mortgage lenders.

The Mortgage Hut can secure mortgages for Nurses wishing to finance residential, buy to let and commercial property in the UK.

The Mortgage Hut can help:
  • Nurses who regularly work overtime or  variable shifts. Some lenders may only consider a basic salary or be cautious of those whose work irregular hours.  However a broker can present your situation to a suitable lender who will assesses applications on a case-by-case basis.
  • Nurses on temporary or short term contracts. Lenders can be wary of certain medical professionals such as nurses and locums who may have gaps in employment or do not have a steady, regular income. The Mortgage Hut can help to provide banks and building societies with an overview of your employment history so that they can make a comprehensive and fair appraisal of your financial situation.
  • Medical practitioners who are self-employed position or work as a private healthcare professional. It is possible that income paid in a way that is tax efficient may make it difficult to provide a true reflection of your earnings. We work with lenders to present your case in such a way that your full earnings are taken into account.

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