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Many people trying to get a foot on the property ladder but struggling to save for a deposit have family members who would like to help - however it's not always easy to work out a suitable arrangements. Thankfully, there is now a mortgage specifically designed for this scenario. The Barclays Family Springboard Mortgage enables your family or loved one, your 'helper,' to provide 10% of the property price as security meaning the borrower does not need to put down a deposit. Ideal for frustrated renters who would rather be paying into a mortgage, the Barclays Family Springboard Mortgage could enable you to purchase your own home sooner than you think.

The Barclays Family Springboard Mortgage:

  • Requires no deposit
  • Is available to first time buyers or home movers
  • Can be used to purchase a UK property up to to £500000 (not new build)
  • Is a 3 year fixed rate mortgage
  • Enables you to retain full rights over the property
Your 'helper' will be required to open a Helpful Start Account with 10% of the property's value in. They will get their money back along with interest in 3 years assuming all repayments on the mortgage have been met.

The Mortgage Hut can help work out if the Barclays Family Springboard Mortgage could make financial sense for you and if so help you to apply. Why not take your first step towards your own home and book an appointment now?

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