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Need to relocate due to work or family commitments or just fancy a change of scenery? Perhaps you’re after some extra space to accommodate a growing family or are looking to downsize to a more manageable property? Could a home with extra rooms, a bigger garden, garage or outbuildings enable to you take up an exciting new hobby or pursue an ongoing interest? Or maybe a particular property has just really caught your eye? Whatever the reason you have decided to move, The Mortgage Hut can help!

Staying with your current mortgage provider may seem like the easy options but switching to a new deal, especially if you are on a standard variable rate or nearing the end of a fixed rate period of your current mortgage, could potentially save your hundreds of pounds and with The Mortgage Hut it’s easy!

The Mortgage Hut can help Home Movers who:

  • Are moving to a property of a similar value but want a better mortgage deal

  • Need to borrow more money in order to move to a more expensive property

  • Are downsizing in order to release equity and require a smaller mortgage

Move home with The Mortgage Hut

How can the Mortgage Hut help Home Movers?

  • As a previous homeowner and someone with equity in your home as a deposit, you should have a good choice of mortgages providers - The Mortgage Hut can help you to find the most suitable deal for you.

  • If you're concerned about borrowing enough, The Mortgage Hut can help you find a mortgage provider who will be more flexible towards your situation. We can help you if you are self employed, a contractor or have a low credit score.

  • The Mortgage Hut have access to thousands of deals - if we are able to find you a better rate it is possible to save hundreds of pounds on your mortgage payments each month.

  • As a home mover with both a sale and purchase to deal with, The Mortgage Hut can save you valuable time shopping around for deals, leaving more time for you to concentrate on other aspects of your move.

To find out how much you can borrow and how much your repayments are likely to be, make an appointment with The Mortgage Hut and start your house hunting today!