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From those considering their first buy to let property to experienced landlords, The Mortgage Hut can provide help securing a great deal on a buy to let mortgage. With current low interest rates resulting in poor returns for savers and record low rates on buy to let mortgages, investing in property which could provide additional monthly income as well as having potential to increase in value, is currently a tempting investment. The Mortgage Hut can also help ‘accidental landlords’ who have a property they decide to let out as they are unable to sell.

Expert Buy to Let Mortgage Advice

The Mortgage Hut can provide all the help and advice you need when searching for a buy to let mortgage. We can help:

  • Find the most suitable product from the broad range of buy to let mortgages available so that you can maximise your profit and get a competitive return from your investment.

  • Weigh up the costs involved with the purchase of a buy to let property, for example the additional stamp duty for second home and landlords insurance.

  • Give support and guidance, especially useful to new landlords who may not be familiar with buy to let mortgages.

  • Make the process of searching, applying and securing a buy to let mortgage quick and stress-free, leaving you to concentrate on the other aspects of your property purchase.

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