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Welcome to our newest members of The Mortgage Hut

The Mortgage Hut are excited to welcome two new advisors to our ever expanding team.

Thinking of improving your home?

Improving your home will not only mean you can finally get the loft extension sorted, or add a conservatory for those longer days...

Still looking to get a mortgage?

Remortgaging can be a confusing process, and it can often be difficult to know where to start.

Remortgaging - Let us explain the process

The first step of the remortgaging process is thinking why you want to remortgage.

Porting your mortgage

Porting your mortgage means you can take your current mortgage from your current property to your new one.

Remortgaging - Looking to reduce Debts

If you are looking to reduce your debts, remortgaging is often the best option

Loan-to-values explained

When applying for a mortgage, you’ll see the phrase ‘loan-to-value’ (LTV) used a lot.

Have you used our mortgage calculator yet?

Are you left confused when it comes to trying to work out how much you can borrow?

Getting your house valued

Knowing the value of your home should be close to the top of your to-do list when it comes to remortgaging, moving or even renewing home insurance.